The VISTO enterprise advertising hub unifies data, execution and reporting so you can plan and optimize advertising across fragmented technology platforms, screens and formats.  No need to juggle multiple ad technology solutions, whether DSPs, SSPs, Exchanges, Ad Servers or specialized APIs. With VISTO, you gain complete control and software interoperability across the execution partners you choose to work with, as well as full transparency into cost and performance across platforms for complete insight into campaign effectiveness. In one easy-to-use interface, you experience streamlined workflow, centralized data management, and unified marketing analytics.


Complete Interoperability

VISTO integrates with all data management platforms, campaign execution partners, and attribution and reporting partners, giving you the flexibility to choose the platforms you feel will best meet your media plan objectives.

Operational and Cost Efficiency

A single interface and streamlined workflow let you easily compare performance across execution partners and optimize in real time to top performers, saving money and promoting healthy competition among partners.

The Best Path to Your Customer

Side-by-side comparisons into performance against price let you choose the most cost-efficient path to your audience, whether it’s direct to the publisher or through multiple execution partners.

Performance Transparency

Full transparency into your partners’ bidding strategies and supply access lets you see how each platform impacts cost and performance. Access metrics including CPA, CPC, budget pacing, and viewability, then optimize across the platforms that perform.

Future-Proof Campaign Execution

Digital media will continue to evolve. With VISTO, you’re assured seamless access to target audiences through a single interface that integrates multiple platforms, embraces programmatic and direct publisher relationships, and includes walled gardens.