As content consumption transforms and marketing channels fragment, so does the way in which enterprises need to engage consumers and manage media spend. But with the constant reshuffling of ad technology platforms, issues like viewability, ad fraud, and ad blocking at the forefront of digital media, it’s more complex than ever to hold your marketing investment and partners accountable.



Collective consults with your team and provides recommendations custom-fit to meet your unique marketing objectives. We deliver expert knowledge that will help you decide which KPIs make the most sense for your business, then navigate the complex ad tech ecosystem to determine the enterprise stack and integrations that will meet your performance goals.

A typical engagement with our team includes:

We audit your current marketing technology stack — CRM, DMP, Attribution, DSPs, Agencies, etc. —
then recommend an optimal partner ecosystem design within Visto based on your advertising objectives.

We prioritize integration with your preferred partners for data management, campaign execution, and attribution. We then customize Visto to meet your unique workflow and analytics requirements.

In addition to getting you set up in the hub, we train your staff and external service providers on best practices for managing campaign workflow and optimization in Visto.

Based on your specific engagement with Visto, we determine the appropriate managed services to support you and your team. Our team of experts provide ongoing professional services to keep you informed about emerging market trends and opportunities.

Throughout all of this, you can access the hub 24/7 to glean at-a-glance or detailed insights into the pricing and performance of your media plans.