By Joe Apprendi December 23, 2016

As the year comes to a close, it’s time for new year’s resolutions. This coming year, we’ll be making the same resolution we have in the past: a continued commitment to transparency for our clients and partners in the world of programmatic media.

We applaud the efforts of White Ops and the Trustworthy and Accountability Group (“TAG”) in unearthing the recent “MethBot” scandal and rallying our industry against fraudulent actors like the ones behind this scheme. It’s one more example of why a commitment to transparency is fundamental to our industry’s success.

Over the years, Collective has been at the forefront in both adopting leading anti-fraud, data collection and inventory quality measures, as well as investing time and energy to work with industry groups like TAG. Earlier this year, we were proud to be named one of the First 100 Companies awarded the TAG-ID for anti-fraud compliance.

We are also committed to compliance certifications and initiatives with the following industry groups for 2017:

  • Trustworthy and Accountability Group (“TAG”), including Anti-Fraud and Inventory Quality Guidelines
  • Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”), including Aboutads.info Opt Out Tool
  • TRUSTe Certified Data Collector
  • Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”) Compliance Certified
  • U.S. – E.U. Privacy Shield Registration

Beyond this, we have built our own enterprise advertising hub, Visto, to seamlessly integrate the viewability partner(s) of your choice, and have developed our own proprietary fraud filter as yet another layer of protection in identifying and eliminating fraudulent behavior from ad campaigns.

Fraudulent actors are continually reinventing themselves. This is why we have built a self or managed service ad technology platform that is completely flexible to integrate and reflect new leading practices in ad quality and safety as they become available.

As you start to set your own marketing goals and resolutions for 2017, feel free to contact me directly or drop us a line at visto@collective.com to learn more about how Visto can create a more transparent view for you.