With our robust Audience Cloud of unique U.S. consumer profiles, including 30,000 attributes from “M 21+” to “Green Products,” we help brands identify and engage key target audiences at scale.

Compass integrates a combination of data sets, including your brands’ first-party website data and qualified third-party data from top providers. By appending these data sets, we leverage consumer information such as geographic and social behaviors, TV viewing patterns, search and purchase history, online content consumed and more to extend your audience reach.

Then we use Collective’s proprietary Visto technology to plan and optimize your campaign across fragmented technology platforms, screens and formats, so you get the best results.

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Coordinate TV and Digital Campaigns

Sales lift is highest among consumers who view campaigns on both TV and digital channels. When marketers can effectively orchestrate their campaigns across these media, they will see the greatest results. Collective’s patented TV to digital solution, TV Accelerator™, lets you increase the efficacy of TV campaigns by using unmatched data to reach consumers on the different screens and devices they use.

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